Our History

The short answer...we are tired of getting bullied by the hedge fund overlords.

Our Story

On January 27, 2021, with the effects of trading limits on the contentious US equities rippling throughout the online community, Stonks Trading decided it was time to push back.

Stonks Trading was created to disrupt the standard financial industry by putting its users in charge of the company. Stonks Trading’s goal of offering 49.9% ownership of its company to their retail investment peers is meant to be a shot across the bow of the Wall Street Leviathan.

This message states loud and clear; the “little man,” can no longer be ignored. Own a Piece of a Social Trading App, Built By the People, For the People. Will your voice be heard?

User/employee owned
49.9% users/50.1% employees
Each user gets
Shares of our Company
We are here for our
Stonkers and counting
Leading this movement in

The Owners of Stonks Trading

Anthony Hughes

Chief Tendies Officer & Dark Lord of the Stonks

Anthony is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully led 3 bootstrapped companies from no money to profitability within 12 months. As a former D-1 wrestler and 8x National Team Member, Anthony has dedicated his life work to ensuring that hard-working people's voices are heard amongst the rich & powerful.

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